Our event takes place in the Province of Coclé, located in the center of Panama. Its capital is Penonomé with an area of 4,927km². It is crossed by the central mountain range with steep volcanic elevations that go from 200 meters above sea level to 1,600 meters above sea level, surrounded by plains, beautiful rivers and beaches that become a beautiful destination to visit.

Panamanians call Coclé the land of salt, sugar and presidents because it is the province where more salt has been extracted from the sea, more sugar has been refined and more Panamanian presidents have been born.

Some of the towns that we visit during GFNY PANAMÁ are Chigoré, Churuquita Grande, Tambo, La Pintada, Churuquita Chiquita and San Juan de Dios.
Agricultural activities are the basis of its economy. Sugar cane, coffee, corn, rice and beans are grown, livestock. They were agricultural groups that supplemented their diet with the different resources offered by their environment.


In Coclé you can find a wide variety of dishes from meat, poultry, seafood and sweets that will surely delight the palate of diners.
You cannot miss the typical Sancocho, which is a kind of soup made from free range hen with various ingredients such as yam, oregano, coriander and other spices, it is accompanied white rice that make this dish a favorite of people.
In the restaurants on the beaches you will find a variety of delicious foods based on seafood, such as lobster, spider crab, shrimp and octopus, as well as fresh fish from the area.
You will be able to find any type of food, meats, jerky, roast pork, chicharrones, sausages, roast meat, roast chicken, seafood, legumes, and a great variety of miniestras, which is nothing more than a stew that is usually made in areas rural areas and is composed of seasoned vegetables that are often used as an accompaniment to rice.
The manjar blanco which is a sweet cream flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel made from pure milk. This white paste is delicious and can be eaten with bread or used as a filling for other sweets.

Recommended Restaurants

  • Los Pits: Penonomé
  • Los Camisones: Spanish – International. Carretera interamericana.
  • Casa de Lourdes: Gourmet. El Valle de Antón.
  • Beirut: Lebanese gastronomy. Playa Blanca.
  • Prime 19 Steakhouse: Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Manza: International. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Biergarten: Pub. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Criollo: Local gastronomy. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Tai Kai: Sushi & teppanyaki Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Caña: Tapas Bar. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Tagua Grill: Pizza & Grill. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • Asa’o y Pesca’o: International gastronomy. Hotel Buenaventura.
  • El Galeón: Gastronomía internacional. Playa Blanca.