GFNY Puerto Rico is back

GFNY announces GFNY Puerto Rico
November 24, 2024



The Courses


GFNY Puerto Rico starts and finishes at the world class exhibition center in the heart of Ponce, Complejo Ferial de Puerto Rico. Race week activities like the pre-race expo and post-race meal and awards also take place at the Complejo Ferial.

From the Complejo Ferial, you will ride to Las Américas Avenue, the main avenue that travels through the heart of Ponce past several important city buildings. As you approach Ponce city limits, you’ll ride past the historic Ponce Cement plant. This point marks the start of the main climb of the race, a Hors Catégorie climb of 21km with 889m of climbing and 3.5% average and 25% maximum incline. The climb travels into the Cordillera Central, the main mountain chain of Puerto Rico that divides the island.

The climb travels on Hwy 123, the old road between Ponce and Adjuntas. The road and your race course follows the Río Canas valley, the Río Saltillo valley, Río Cidra valley and Río Vivi valley. You will enjoy very beautiful, tropical and scenic country roads. Be ready for many sections with gradual climbs and descents, but also some sections with steeper climbs and descents.

When you get to Adjuntas, enjoy the main aid station at Haciendas Sotomayor. From here, the medium course makes a turn through Adjuntas and returns back to Ponce, while the long route takes the PR 10 road all the way to Utuado. Utuado is a historic town with colonial architecture and rich coffee trade history and serves as the turn-around of the long course. On the way back, enjoy another aid station stop back at Haciendas Sotomayor before climbing back over the 802m-tall (2630ft) crest near Portugués, before descending back to Ponce.

Both courses offer you incredible views, unforgettable experiences and a tough but rewarding challenge. Back at the Complejo Ferial, the post-race party awaits you: finisher medals, live music, performers, awards ceremony, delicious Puerto Rican post-race meal and drinks.




Long Route – 67.5 m / 6811 ft+


Medium Route – 55.7 m / 4885 ft+


About Ponce



GFNY Puerto Rico is held in the city of Ponce. Known as the “Pearl of the South,” Ponce is located on Puerto Rico’s south coast and is distinguished by its historical and cultural attractions. It’s the second-largest city on the Island and has over 500 years of history.

Ponce is famous for its beautiful neoclassical buildings and colonial architecture, especially in the Ponce Historic Zone, which includes the Ponce Cathedral and its iconic Parque de Bombas. This old fire station has been turned into a museum. The city is also known for its cultural scene, which hosts several museums, including the Ponce Museum of Art. This museum is famous for its extensive European and Puerto Rican art collections, and houses the largest art collection in the Caribbean.

The city is surrounded by natural beauty, including the nearby Caja de Muertos island, a nature reserve known for its beaches and hiking trails, and the northern mountains, which offer scenic views and outdoor activities.

Discover amazing food, drinks and shops while exploring the urban side of Puerto Rico, where history and culture intersect with city life and nature. Only 1 hour away from San Juan, Ponce blends elements of the Old World, like cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, with all the amenities of modern urban life, like craft cocktails, contemporary dining, shopping, and nightlife. Immerse yourself in the culture and explore the wealth of art, food, adventure, nature and beauty that is waiting to be discovered.





Getting Here




Traveling to Puerto Rico is very easy. There are three airports in Puerto Rico for your convenience and enjoyment of visiting Puerto Rico.

Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU)Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Airlines: American Airlines, Avianca, Cape Air, Copa Airlines, Delta, Frontier, Iberia, InterCaribbean Airways, JetBlue, Silver Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit, United Airlines.Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN)Located in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Airlines: JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit

Mercedita Airport (PSE)
Located in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Airlines: JetBlue, Frontier, Spirit


Ground transfers:

Car rental is available from all major car rental companies at all the airports. It will be the easiest for you to rent a car.

From San Juan airport, take the main island highway. It’s about 60 miles (100 km) from San Juan. The drive takes about 1:15h. Highway 52 is modern and has restaurants & shops at the stops along the road.

If you don’t want to rent a car, there are airport transfer options like vans and car service. You can book an airport transfer online or email us if you have questions.

If you land in Ponce airport and stay in the city, you can get around by taxi, bike and on foot.